Hi everyone — If you’d like to see what students have said about Horizons, please check out joinhorizons.com/testimonials.

We’ve worked with over 200 students to date. Our students have landed Eng & PM jobs at Google, Zappos, JPMorgan, EA Games, Visa, Slack, McKinsey and more, raised money for their startups, won prizes at national hackathons and landed analyst positions at the world’s best VC firms.

We have taught students from a diverse range of backgrounds — 15-year-old high school students to Wharton MBAs. Furthermore, around 30–40% of any Horizons class tends to consist of Computer Science majors. We view Horizons as a powerful supplement to a traditional CS curriculum — not a replacement. Furthermore, we’ve found the diversity of our student body to be one of our strongest assets. Liberal Arts students and STEM majors have equally benefited from our community and their experiences and testimonials show it!

If you’re interested in speaking with our team directly or former students you can reach out to darwish@joinhorizons.com (one of our founders) directly.


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