Yes, they’re at it again…

Horizonites Yasmeen Wermers, Shree Chekuri, and Claire Huang (pictured below) earned a spot at the podium at Uber’s first ever college hackathon (at Uber’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco) this past month.

Oh, and they had learned to code over the prior 8 weeks.

Skill? Talent? Luck?

We can call it whatever we’d like, but these 3 got to leave after 24 hours with many dollars in Uber credits and a fancy Uber hoodie for each member of the the team.

Now we’re all probably very curious to know — what did they build?!

A real-time multiplayer game layer on top of UberPool.

We take many UberPools with random people. These Horizonites figured why not make the rides more fun by allowing you to play a game with your UberPool-mate.

Their application, built using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and Xcode/Swift, allowed users to authenticate using the Uber API and pulled relevant data on the users’ current locations and UberPool-mates.

Then, the application launches into game mode and allows users to pick from a list of games to play against their fellow rider. Tic Tac Toe, Chess, Pong, Checkers, or Connect Four.

When the ride ends, the game ends.

Amazed? So were we when we learned the team had built this in 24 hours after just 8 weeks of learning during our spring program!

The moral of the story is simple — it doesn’t take years and years to develop these skills.

All it took for these students was a focused learning environment and an amazing team.

Congrats again to Yasmeen, Shree, and Claire!

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