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If you had 3–4 months to do anything, what would you do? When asked this question, Horizonites took on the challenge of bringing their ideas to life. Check out a few examples of what our Spring ’17 Horizonites have built below: Video Search Rajiv P +Bennett M If a picture is worth 1,000 words,...
Yes, they’re at it again… Horizonites Yasmeen Wermers, Shree Chekuri, and Claire Huang (pictured below) earned a spot at the podium at Uber’s first ever college hackathon (at Uber’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco) this past month. Oh, and they had learned to code over the prior 8 weeks. Skill? Talent? Luck? We...
The post below is written by Eagle Wu, Babson Class of 2019 and Horizons Class of Summer 2016 After a lot of RedBull, stress, and cramps, I walked in disbelief onto the stage in front of a crowd of 500+ people. Granted, I hadn’t slept in over 36 hours, so...
For the past 6 weeks, Horizonites have been busy working on their own startup ideas or taking on projects for existing startups. Below we showcase a handful of the amazing products they have built! PROJECT #1: CORTEX by Julian Mullins, Ruth Bagley, Taylor Concannon, Virginia Van Keuren, Adam He What it is ( Cortex...