Where can I learn to code?

Coding coding coding. You hear that coding, programming, web development, etc. are the jobs of the present and the jobs of the future. We are blasted from nearly all angles that this is the smart career path to take. Jobs are in high (and increasing) demand, and humanity’s thirst for having technology and machines solve our problems isn’t going anywhere soon. But for the uninitiated this begs the question, “how can I get in on this?” “Where can I learn to code?”

There are tons and tons of resources

If you are someone who is just starting out and trying to determine what your career should be, someone who is looking for a career change, or someone who is just looking to learn a new skill to make yourself more valuable, “where can I learn to code” is one of the most important questions you will ask yourself.

This is because we are inundated with resources and pathways that all claim the same thing. That they will put you on the path to a lucrative programming career. From computer science degrees from four-year universities, all the way through YouTube tutorials, there is a multitude of ways available to learn to code, all of varying cost, efficiency and effectiveness.

Middle route?

Horizons offers a middle route to these two extremes for those looking to learn to code. It is highly focused, and result and project driven. But at the same time, it offers you a framework within which you can learn, get support and thrive.

Sure, there are tons of free or nearly free resources out there, especially when it comes to programming. And some of those resources can be really awesome. But what they don’t offer is a collaborative learning environment with just enough structure to keep you from groping blindly. And in which you are surrounded by people striving after the same goal: to become a kick-ass developer.

At the same time, the summer immersion program at Horizons is not so structured as a university that it forces you to spend time learning things you don’t want to learn. You focus on skills and areas that are directly useful to you in whatever career path you choose to take. You will produce tangible value and real projects that you can take to any future job interview as proof that you can do what you say you can do.

It’s all about efficiency

So if you are looking to get into the tech world and are pondering the question, “where can I learn to code?”, you need to think about what you are actually looking to accomplish. The critical things to have are direction and efficiency. This means short-term and long-term goals, tangible deliverables and a plan ensuring your effort is expended wisely, and only in essential areas.

If done right, CS degrees and self-teaching online with free resources both have the potential to get you on the path to the career you want. But both have also have a high potential for inefficiency and wasted time. College, through its lack of overall focus on concrete outcomes. Self-learning, through its lack of any structure or support system.

Which way is best for you?

Horizons is the solution to the potential problems posed by these other two paths. In addition to a collaborative learning and work environment, you will also have skilled and industry-proven instructors, resources for if you get stuck, the opportunity to hear talks and meet successful people in the tech industry, and extensive interview and career prep work. (see Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?)

Horizons only succeeds if you succeed. This means you gain a partner. Someone in your corner who is heavily invested in your success and wants you to build a career you love. So where can you learn to code? Fill out the application and schedule a 1:1 call today to find out.



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