The Horizons Hackathon occurred halfway through our summer, just 6 weeks into our advanced curriculum. It served as an opportunity to bring product ideas to life. What they built made our jaws drop.

We love Wellesley students. It was no surprise that Wellesley Horizonites worked on thematically diverse projects during our Hackathon. They see beyond a singular perspective and encourage our community to think critically of themselves and what they are building — Wellesley Horizonites push us beyond our collective boundaries, they are so focused. The most socially impactful hackathon projects were born of Wellesley DNA.

Wellesley Horizonites worked across six different projects during our 24 hour hackathon, they built systems to book venues or to curate experiences from around the world, we share a few highlights below:


Demi (Wellesley), Minh (Hamilton) and Teresa (USC)

Demilade Adeboye, Wellseley ’19, Music and Engineering

It’s all about community. You won’t find a team who agrees more than Doorstep creators, Demi, Minh and Teresa. These Horizonites found an opportunity to increase the utility of underutilized inventory by brokering a marketplace between members of the same community.

For example, if someone needs to borrow a warm blanket for a cold evening night that is no problem. Members can search Doorstep for a community-member willing to lend a hand. They thought deeply about what it means to take part in a community, and help ones neighbors. Take a sneak peek at their depth and clarity of thinking:

We are impressed with Doorstep’s potential for social impact. Even more, the way Demi, Minh and Teresa worked through the night to build something they cared about reflected the spirit of our own community.


Chloe (Wellesley), May (Vassar), Elise (Penn) and Brian (Boston College)

Chloe Moon, Wellesley ’19, Math and Economics

Wanderus curates the most highly-rated food, shopping and museum experiences from cities around the world through a beautiful user interface. We look forward to Wanderus helping these folks explore the world from their fingertips before they set off on their voyages.

Chloe, May, Elise and Brian pushed their own limits to apply what they’ve learned over the past 6 weeks to a concept they find compelling. In this project, they used Node, React Native and Heroku.

Are you curious for more? If you want to move forward, step by step, fast and ferociously, join Horizons. To all future Horizonites out there— reach out and learn more about our growing community.


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