The Horizons Hackathon occurred halfway through our summer, just 6 weeks into our advanced curriculum. It served as an opportunity to bring product ideas to life. What they built made our jaws drop, a few highlights are below

Penn, interdisciplinary by nature.

We quickly learned Penn students excel in environments where success depends on merging several distinct concepts to build something unique. It is no surprise that Penn Horizonites fared well at the Horizons Hackathon, where they fuse together business, technology and design in a way only Penn students know how.


Caroline (Penn), Tiffany (Penn) and Andrew (Penn)

Dateabaes is a hilarious take on Tinder and similar swipe-based dating applications. This product helps programmers meet programmers based on their skill level. New users are prompted to answer several programming-oriented questions. Depending on how well they perform, they are placed in a pool that is most similar to them: no n00bs please!

With limited programming background prior to the program, it is impressive how Caroline, Tiffany and Andrew were able to apply what they’ve learned over the past 6 weeks to a concept they find compelling. In this project, they used Node, Firebase, Redux among other technologies. Moreover, they wove in their tremendous design skills to wow the judges and blow the crowd away. Go Dateabaes!


Adam (Penn), Prateek (Penn), Brian (Boston University), Jeffrey (Penn)

At a time where cybersecurity is growing exponentially in importance, we are proud to showcase the work of Adam, Prateek and Brian. Their product, OneTouch, enables users to sign onto their favorite websites using touch authentication. Not only does OneTouch help users manage their passwords more conveniently, it also safeguards them against common hacking practices.

The OneTouch team utilized the following technologies that they learned here at Horizons: Node, MongoDB, Express, Expo, jQuery among several others. We deeply believe in Adam, Prateek and Brian’s ability to commercialize OneTouch and help us all navigate the Web more securely.

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